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Soup Of The Day
Appetizers & Side Orders
Fresh Baked Chicken

Not Fried
All chicken is freshly baked!
Call ahead for large orders.
Hot Wings
Grilled Burgers

All burgers served on Kaiser roll with lettuce and tomato.
Club Sandwiches

All made with crisp bacon and choice of bread.
From Our Grill

Made with USDA Choice Sirloin Tip Steak.
All steaks made on Liscio's bread.
Pickles, Hot or Sweet Peppers: Small - $0.30 | Large - $0.50
Extra Cheese - $0.50
Roasted Red Peppers: Small - $0.75 | Large - $1.25
Chicken Steaks

Made with hand cut 95% fat free chicken breast.

All hoagies made on Liscio's bread.
Deli Sandwiches

Served with tomato and lettuce.
Choice of Bread: Rye, White, Wheat, Kaiser, 12" Hoagie Roll or Small Seeded Roll
Extras: Broccoli Rabe or Spinach - Small - $0.75 | Large - $1.50
Pickles, Hot or Sweet Peppers - Small - $0.30 | Large - $0.50
Hot Sandwiches

Served on Liscio's Kaiser Roll or Large 12" Roll
Roasted Peppers: Small - $0.75 | Large - $1.25
Pickles, Hot or Sweet Peppers: Small - $0.30 | Large - $0.50